Our KŌ Brand Story

A Brand Steeped in Maori Culture & History

The origin of our ‘Kō’ brand story is grown from our deeply bound ties with the land and, in particular, that of our Maori landowner partners.

‘Kō’ as a Maori word, translates literally to mean that place over there or somewhere far away which is the case when we look to the Mānuka plantations and pristine coastal regions where our Mānuka & seaweed are grown and collected.

When it therefore came to naming our wonderful bee and plant nutrition products, choosing a name that showed our great respect and gratitude both to our land and the caretakers of that land, was a very easy decision.

  • KōLUSH Garden Mulch – Not only are the Mānuka fibres in this product luscious but the added seaweed nutrients will literally bring a lushness to your gardens too.
  • KōBEE Bee Nutrition – This unique seaweed formulation gives our bees a “real buzz”, keeping them strong & healthy not only during the Winter months, but all year round.
  • KōFERT Plant & Soil Nutrition – Our liquid seaweed tonic, with or without added NPK, gives an unbeatable nutritional boost enhancing plant health & growth.