About Us

New Zealand Seaweeds

As New Zealand’s only Agar producer, our team at New Zealand Seaweeds collects and processes Pterocladia lucida seaweed – an abundant resource growing on our pristine coastlines of New Zealand. Pterocladia seaweed is used for the production of high quality, laboratory-grade agars for use in bacteriolocal, high purity/noble and plant tissue culture applications.

Pterocladia lucida is a fern-like red seaweed gathered by a network of harvesters who live in the coastal communities where much of this seaweed washes up with the tide and in storms. This essential work for our business also provides employment and fund-raising opportunities to the people living in these often remote communities.

New Zealand Seaweeds also collects and processes other seaweeds. The pollution-free origins and organic properties of these seaweeds provide an ideal resource for liquid fertilisers and nutritional supplements. As natural products they have proven benefits in stimulating plant growth and enhancing the quality of produce. They also benefit the land, livestock, farmers, home gardeners and the environment.